week 11 on Atkins – went on vacation


This weekend we had a short vacation to visit with family in Leavenworth. We had a condo with a kitchen, so we were able to cook several meals. That is so helpful! I made good choices for the meals we had when we went out to eat as well. I did eat a few things I ‘shouldn’t’ have, but I am happy that I ate them, and am making sure that they don’t derail me for an extended period of time.

Friday meals:

breakfast:the three flour minute muffin with PB and J (half), coffee with cream

lunch/snack: chef salad and some ‘Not A grain’ bar, adapted from http://www.againstallgrain.com/2012/08/11/glutenfree-cereal-breakfast-bars/ – we made them in healthy snacks class I am teaching this semester. I didn’t have jelly on mine, and cooked it long enough to make a sweet graham cracker type treat. mm.

Dinner: On the road. My family ate taco del mar tacos, I wasn’t hungry when they ate so they ate my taco on accident, so I ate the other half of my minute muffin. I also snacked on some multigrain crackers in the car, and some mixed nuts. Once we got to our destination, I had some chardonnay.

Saturday: We made breakfast in the condo. I ate eggs and bacon with cheese, a minute muffin with 2T flax and 2T almond flour. I didn’t have any baking powder, and it turned out more dense but still good.

lunch: Out to eat: a chicken apple sausage and saur kraut, no bun.

dinner: Out to eat: chicken parmesan without the breading and with a side of roasted vegetables instead of the pasta, and a side salad. whoo hoo! You CAN eat healthy at an italian restaurant! I fed the bread to my five year old. I shared a bottle of reisling with my sister in law. Then we all went out to gelato, and I had a scoop. yum. Not on my diet plan, but it sure was tasty!

Sunday: we made breakfast at the condo, and I made myself some flax meal cottage cheese pancakes.  I shared them with my sister in law and father in law, who all thought they were tasty. 🙂

Lunch: out to eat: hamburger, no bun, with a side salad. It came with chips, so I had a few and gave the rest to my five year old.

I bought a dark chocolate truffle (and ate it!) and a bar of 91% guittard for the drive home.

dinner: On the road. I made sack lunches for the family to eat along the way, and so I had lunchmeat, cheese, nuts, and some of the chocolate. And a few slices of orange and a carrot.

I think I did pretty great on our mini vacation! I ate healthy foods, got in my veggies, ate a little bit of junk food, and maintained my weight this week. Well, it is slightly up, to 136. But since last week’s weigh in was 135.8, that is basically maintenance. Ooh, see how I can justify the gain as maintaining? I need to make sure I am very careful here, because this is how I started gaining weight back again before. If each week is only a teeny tiny gain, it still ends up a gain by the end of the month.


15 thoughts on “week 11 on Atkins – went on vacation

  1. Kim Taylor

    Ha ha. Last week my husband and I had a mid-week mini vacation on the Oregon Coast. My big indulgence was sharing two voodoo doughnuts with my hubby on our way back north when we were in Portland. Love Oregon beaches. So much cleaner than most WA beaches. Did you see snow in Leavenworth?

    • ooh, those donuts sound absolutely dangerous! Actually, I am pretty sure I saw them on Man Versus Food once. I’d love to try the bacon donut. lol. We did see a little snow, but I was really happy that it was sunny and warm enough that we could walk around on the trails by the river without freezing to death.

  2. Rosalie Haggins

    Well I for one think you did an awesome job with your food choices. We all have to have something bad once in a while – it keeps us feeling normal. Those breakfast bars sound good and kind of like the tarty thing I made a few times. How did you like the dough?? I might try that.

    • I agree! They are a little bit like what you made, I guess! The dough is good, different than the mystery dough. More ‘whole grainy.’ I will make them again, definitely!

  3. Pattie

    Great job on the food choices. I was just in New York City for the weekend and can’t say I fared as well. You are so right about a litle gain here and there adding up to a big gain somewhere along the way. It happens so fast! XO

  4. Dana

    Dawn – you are good at staying on track! Hope you had a good vacation.
    We are ready for spring weather here in the Midwest.

    • Thanks Beth, it’s nice to get away every now and again. It feels great to stay on track like that and have so much fun. The meals were NOT the focus – I didn’t obsess about where we were going eat and this was another huge step forward for me.

  5. I love that you include your indulgences. It’s really hard to live in a food vacuum especially with kids and the busyness of family. I mostly do not indulge, but on those rare times that I do, I try not to be hard on myself and mostly it doesn’t seem to stall my weight loss.

  6. I think it sounds like you did AMAZING! Great choices and you didn’t deprive yourself! My picture on myfitnesspal was from our visit to Leavenworth. It was there that I had my first cookies after starting the BFC.
    I think when you travel it is hard to use the potty as often as at home so that could explain a bit of the weight.
    Great job Ms. Dawn!!!

    • that does happen, I agree. I sure love it at Leavenworth – it gets better and better the older the kiddos get. One day I’ll get to go into all of the shops I want to, but for now I have to pick and choose. 😉 My bad this time, though, is that I did buy a small jar of bittersweet chocolate sauce that I can’t help dipping into here at home. It’s almost halfway empty already, I feel so guilty. At least it’s a small jar, right? 🙂 I’m ignoring those calories/sugars/carbs, stoopid….

  7. We just returned from a family mini-vaca, too. While we also stayed in a condo and could have made our own meals, we didn’t. It was an all-inclusive package and meals down at the buffet were a part of it. Drinks as well. Of course, that got me into trouble. Ha ha… So kudos to you for staying the course!

    • Thanks Becky! Some times it is really easy to stay on course, and other times it just isn’t, for whatever reason. Have a great rest of the week!

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