Curves! Again!


I went back to Curves this week. I am tired of being flabby, and tired of not getting anywhere with my body. I have been regularly exercising here at home, but I am not good at motivating myself to do strength training exercises. So this weekend my hubby and I discussed where in the schedule I could get to the gym on a daily or weekly basis, and yesterday I went in to check it out!

I had my fitness evaluation, where they write down your goals and starting point.  I am sad to see how much I have gained in inches and pounds, but excited to know that I can (and will) see great results at the gym. The support you get there from the trainers is excellent – not only do they help you with the machines, but you have a monthly weigh in measure, and they try to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals. Such a great resource!

Yesterday I had my first exercise session. I really love the workouts at Curves – they are 30 minutes, 3 times per week, and they are really efficient!  Last time I used the gym regularly, I got really toned and small, so hopefully I will see results quickly.

Now they have a Jillian Michaels workout on the rest stations, which is funny because now they are pump it up stations instead. Lol. Not sure how I’ll like it, but I love JM, so I am hopeful.

My ‘little one’ is 7 today! Off to make a cake. Have a great day!

I guess I haven’t blogged all month


Sorry guys, I just have not been in a blogging mood. I am trying really hard to get into a daily morning workout routine, and making sure that we all get into a good chores routine so that once school starts back up both of those things continue to happen, while still completing school along the way. It is not an easy task.

On the weight loss front, I am struggling to get the weight back off – I am hovering around 149-150, which is a good 17-18 pounds over my lowest weight ever, but at least 9 pounds over where I would like to be.  I am not meant to be this size – evidence shows when I buy pants – they are too long. Evidence when I buy shirts – the straps are too long.  I need to be smaller.  I had hoped the exercise would help get the weight off, but it is not helping. I may be building muscle, but the fat is going nowhere, so I need to help it along.

I am trying to get back to low carb now – I have tried for the last year to eat in a more balanced way, and it has not worked. I am taking too many liberties with my food – allowing myself to eat food that I really can’t handle. I don’t really know what is to blame here, only that I feel really in control when I eat low carb and low grain.

It feels easier to eat ‘the right things’ when I am limiting my grains and carbs all of the time, not just for certain meals. I don’t know if that’s because those foods are trigger foods, or if my body just can’t handle them the way they used to be able to (if they even could then.)   So that’s my goal for the rest of the summer, food wise, to limit my carb intake like I had before.

T minus 5 days until school’s out


We have 5 more school days left in this school year, and it shows! Last week we had our last Co op meeting, the last soccer games, and my eldest had his middle school presentation.  This week we had our last gym class, and hopefully will finish up all of our classes next week.  I intend that the boys will work on math and history regularly through the summer, to keep their minds on track and stay in schedule, but I also will put some extra events on our calendar. I hope we can start a garden!

In other news, I have lost the Mother’s Day weight. Whew. Sometimes it takes SO LONG to get the weight off, it feels like it’s not worth it to go ‘off plan’ but I disagree, especially when it’s for a cause like Mother’s Day.

I am buckling down to lose this 10 pounds – I am tired of being ‘stuck’ here, yo yo ing up and down 2-3 pounds. So I am getting back in the mode!

I am encouraging my kids to eat healthy with me, instead of focusing on how differently I eat when I am trying to lose weight. We are collectively trying to eat more fruits and veggies. We are eating less meat, less carbohydrates.   We are sort of combining the “Trim Healthy Mama’ way with “The Belly Fat Cure” because I have been feeling this is the right way to get everyone easily on plan.  We are focusing on Less snacking between meals.  I am so glad to be getting to the summer, where we all can focus a little more on these things.

Happy Mother’s Day!


I had a fabulous Mother’s Day yesterday. Home made cards, toast with marmalade and coffee in bed, eggs Benedict and bacon for breakfast, wedge salad and mimosas for lunch, pasta carbonara for dinner, and brownies for dessert.  I am up two pounds for all of the excess carbs, but it was worth it.  I know I can get the weight off this week, and have a plan in place to make sure that happens.

All of the food was made by my men of the house. They cleaned up after themselves, even left the kitchen cleaner than they found it! I am so lucky. And today, they are so thankful for all that I do around the house.

Hope you had a wonderful day, and if you are a mother, someone told you how much they appreciate you!

Steps are UP, but still no progress weight wise


Hello my friends!

Weigh in this morning at 149 again -  I am not making any weight loss progress. On the positive side, I am getting my 10000 steps in every day. Yay!  As I look at my April vision board, I have done well at meeting my goals. I still slip up on tracking my calories in, but I keep working at it.

The biggest reason I track my food in myfitnesspal is to keep myself accountable with eating healthy and in moderation. I am more likely to keep myself on the path when I am writing down what I eat. It makes me more mindful.

April is a difficult month for me, eating wise, traditionally. I would love it if this weren’t the case, but it always has been. For some reason, even though there is only one birthday in it, this is the birthday of our first son, and it lasts all month long. I ate all sorts of things that I should have declined all month, and even though I didn’t really over eat them, every time I eat what I shouldn’t I pay for it. As a result, no weight loss.

Next month I think I will keep my goals the same – 10,000 steps, and writing down what I eat.  I will continue to weigh in daily, and hopefully the month of May will be ‘The One’ for us all who are having troubles!  Gotta get back in shape for the warmer weather coming up!

Monday motivation


Hello my friends! I woke up this I morning aware that my weight would be up due to the weekend eating. I ate well, not excessively, but we did go out to eat yesterday, and restaurant food is never scale friendly.  And so, my weight today is 148.2, pretty much the same as last week.  So much for progress in that department.

Halfway through the month, my fitness goals are working. I have been successful most of the days to get 10,000 steps in, even yesterday while out to eat.

I really need to drop 5 pounds this month, though.  I was hoping to get back to 140, but I’m having a really tough time limiting my calories and tracking all my food. I do a really good job most of the time, until I ‘make a mistake’ and lose track of the amount of some food that I’ve eaten. I need to remember to get right back on track at that time.  It’s so much better that way!  I know how to do this, why is it ‘so hard’ sometimes?

How are you doing on your fitness goals this month so far?

March recap, April goals


Well, my March goals were too ambitious, and I ended up gaining some weight. I weighed 149 at the end of March, officially ‘overweight’ again, up from 145.4 at the beginning of the month. I even had to hear it from my doctor at my yearly physical. Boo. ;( The good news from the physical is that my cholesterol is good, so no problems there. My blood pressure was a little too high, but that comes with my weight gain.  This morning I am down in weight, and have a normal blood pressure. :)

Looking forward, I got a Fitbit One mid March, and so I am again tracking my calories out more accurately, which I like doing a lot. I am more motivated to track what goes in my mouth if I am trying to balance it with the outbound. And my major goal this month is to get 10,000 steps per day.  I have had the FitBit tracking steps since March 20th, and there have been only 4 days that I dipped below my goal. The other days were high enough to nearly make up for the lower days.

My second goal (I only have two this month) is to track my calories in and out on myfitnesspal, which is directly related to my step goal. Between the two, I am seeing progress this month, and this morning weighed in at 145.8, which is almost back to the beginning of March. I still have a weight goal of 140 for the end of April, so hopefully I can get there, even with it a birthday month.

Have a great month, set some goals, and be well!