Monday motivation

Hello my friends! I woke up this I morning aware that my weight would be up due to the weekend eating. I ate well, not excessively, but we did go out to eat yesterday, and restaurant food is never scale friendly.  And so, my weight today is 148.2, pretty much the same as last week.  So much for progress in that department.

Halfway through the month, my fitness goals are working. I have been successful most of the days to get 10,000 steps in, even yesterday while out to eat.

I really need to drop 5 pounds this month, though.  I was hoping to get back to 140, but I’m having a really tough time limiting my calories and tracking all my food. I do a really good job most of the time, until I ‘make a mistake’ and lose track of the amount of some food that I’ve eaten. I need to remember to get right back on track at that time.  It’s so much better that way!  I know how to do this, why is it ‘so hard’ sometimes?

How are you doing on your fitness goals this month so far?

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March recap, April goals

Well, my March goals were too ambitious, and I ended up gaining some weight. I weighed 149 at the end of March, officially ‘overweight’ again, up from 145.4 at the beginning of the month. I even had to hear it from my doctor at my yearly physical. Boo. ;( The good news from the physical is that my cholesterol is good, so no problems there. My blood pressure was a little too high, but that comes with my weight gain.  This morning I am down in weight, and have a normal blood pressure. :)

Looking forward, I got a Fitbit One mid March, and so I am again tracking my calories out more accurately, which I like doing a lot. I am more motivated to track what goes in my mouth if I am trying to balance it with the outbound. And my major goal this month is to get 10,000 steps per day.  I have had the FitBit tracking steps since March 20th, and there have been only 4 days that I dipped below my goal. The other days were high enough to nearly make up for the lower days.

My second goal (I only have two this month) is to track my calories in and out on myfitnesspal, which is directly related to my step goal. Between the two, I am seeing progress this month, and this morning weighed in at 145.8, which is almost back to the beginning of March. I still have a weight goal of 140 for the end of April, so hopefully I can get there, even with it a birthday month.

Have a great month, set some goals, and be well!


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March vision board

march 2014 vision board

Goals for March:

1) 30 days ab challenge from

2) 140 pounds (around 6 pounds)

3) 20-40 grams net carbs daily. Not planning on doing ‘induction’ unless I have no progress with the simple reduction

4) 3x weekly 300-400 calories on treadmill

5) 4x weekly some kind of chest exercise, like push ups or chest press machine

6) continue to remove clothes and other allergenic items from the house, and replace with not allergen items

Are you making any goals for March?

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Editing the blog list, waiting for spring, and Spandex is OK?

Good morning friends!

In an attempt to simplify, I went through my blogger list, and removed a bunch of blogs that haven’t been updated in the last six months – year. I am surprised at how many there are! If you have a blog, and you don’t update it anymore, I hope that you are still around and working on your health in some way. Stay connected! You are worth it!  And if you post a new post, let me know, so I can re-add your blog to my support list.

That being said, for some reason this season has been very difficult, and I understand. We woke up to snow, again, and I am ready for the weather to warm up. It’s always hard every spring for me here in Idaho, because I feel as if the weather should be warming up, but it’s just not time yet. *sigh*

My return to reduced carb, working out, cutting out the elastic clothing, and throwing away all the offensive beauty products is beginning to have an effect. My weight is coming back down, hooray!  145.4 this morning, down from last week’s ugly 148.   I am fully aware that there is a lot of water weight in there, but that doesn’t discount the loss at all!

I am limiting my carbohydrates, but not strictly counting them or avoiding bread. I am limiting my breads to high fiber products. This has worked well for me in the past, and I enjoy eating this way. It works out to maybe one carb serving per meal, give or take.  I am having a hard time separating carbs from fats, Trim Healthy Mama style,  but I haven’t given up on it yet. I’m just kind of taking a break and focusing on low carb right now.

This week we are all recovering again from being sick over the weekend. Another reason to be ready for spring! Everyone on the house got sick at nearly the same time this time, with a horrible cold, so at least it will all get over sooner, I guess.

I did more research, and apparently Spandex is not a rubber product – hooray! It can still be in clothing that contains rubber, so there is going to be a grey area where I have to just try them and see, but that is good news.

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Nothing like jeans shopping to show you how far you’ve gone

I have been deluding myself about how far off track I have gotten. Monday I weighed in and realized that I have gained about 10 pounds, and am 16 up from my lowest weight. There are many factors- not exercising, being less strict with my food choices, the new medication, and finally the inflammation that I have been dealing with.

I had chemical patch testing done a few weeks ago, to try and find out what is causing my itchy rash-y skin, and found out that not only am I allergic to several chemicals found in most lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and make ups, but also to the chemicals they use to process rubber. So that is a big thing to deal with. Anything that has rubber – read elastic – has to be very carefully monitored, and if any of the elastic shows through and gets on my skin it makes me break out in a very itchy rash. Not good.  At least I have a good excuse to buy new clothes for myself regularly. *sigh*  I also had to go through my medicine cabinet and bathrooms and get rid of nearly everything. Only a few brands are OK to use, across the board. Even most of the so called natural or sensitive skin brands are no good for me. What a crazy experience. At least I’m starting to get some relief now that I’ve found out some of the major issues.

So, this weekend I had to go clothes shopping for bras, pants, whatever I could find that hopefully didn’t have exposed elastics and it was not pretty. I had to bit the bullet and buy size 12 jeans. That’s 8 sizes higher than the last time I bought jeans. Granted, this time I was going overboard for comfort (more on that later) but still!  I learned an interesting fact though – 80 percent of clothing in America has spandex, elastics, or some stretchy material in them. That doesn’t leave me much in terms of options! So right now I’m focusing in the underclothes and monitoring the rest of my clothing.  Hopefully I can get that under control and that will help with the inflammation, which will in turn help me to lose a little bit of weight.

So the last few days I ate better, had some great exercise sessions , and hopefully can get back to a happy weight before too long.

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Still trying to get back into the swing of things

I weighed in this morning at 145. Seems we are all struggling these days.  I have a few good days of eating and exercising, and then a few bad days of eating/no exercising. I can’t seem to get a good, solid week of healthy living under my belt.  Well, at least I keep trying!

I started this blog post at the beginning of the week – my weigh in day is Monday so I thought it would be a great time to check in. Since I started that post, the flu has hit the house big time! I am just hoping that I and my husband do not get it. *sigh*

Things have been a bit hectic around here, even without the sickness, trying to catch up after the vacation, and getting started back on school, on everything, and my blogging sure hasn’t been a priority.  My apologies for that – I know how nice it is to read everyone’s posts.

I hope to some day be able to revisit the motivational aspect of this blog; I do admit that I haven’t been the most motivated myself with regards to my own healthy lifestyle, and I just am not the ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of person.  I keep trying though, which I think makes the difference- when it  gets rough, just start over! Whatever diet and / or exercise plan you have going on, every meal is a new start, and every day is a new start!

It’s not that I’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon or anything, I just need to ‘work at it’ if I want to get back to my happy low weight and haven’t felt like cutting back. I keep track of what I eat most of the time, but in order to lose weight I have to keep track of everything. That’s just how it is.

I appreciate you, even if you don’t comment. Have a great day, and we can do this!

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year to all my internet friends. May all of your dreams and goals for 2014 come to pass.

Well, the vacation was awesome! In a nutshell, this is what we did: We drove four hours to a train station, took the train to visit hubby’s grandparents in Wisconsin, and then rented a van. We then drove the van down to Florida, and stayed in a condo resort there for a few weeks, while visiting a few cool places, including this:


My favorite – Winnie-ther-pooh – at Disneyworld!

and this:


Getting set up to do a ropes course in the Louisville Underground Caverns

and this:


Lester the Dolphin – one of the original five caught in the wild for Sea World back in the day

I have always wanted to swim with dolphins, and it was so cool!

I am pretty happy with my eating during the trip – I made pretty healthy choices most of the time, but didn’t really limit myself in terms of what I could or couldn’t eat (meaning I didn’t really follow any diet plan,) and I only gained 2 pounds. We were pretty active, tried not to snack most of the time, and that is the key to my success, really. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two pounds are just from the train ride home.

I then proceeded to make homemade bread twice once we got home and gained another pound, putting me back at 145 today, January 1st.

Today, though, I am back on track, made great choices for breakfast and lunch, and had a workout. Great start to the new year!

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